Fear of Success?

I’ve long wondered why I don’t get after weight loss and other things I say I want to accomplish in life. Why do I seem to put other things first before making time for meal prepping (something that will help in my journey) or exercise or food journaling? I say to myself that I really want permanent weight loss.

Am I afraid because I’ve never had permanent weight loss before and I don’t know what real success looks like? Diets have failed because I don’t stick with the protocol for very long. I’m tired of failing in this area. I’ve been at this for 3 months and am down 11 pounds. Another thought is that I should be farther in the journey if I hadn’t screwed up so many times.

What do I do with all this to decipher success in weight loss? I believe I can do this with Self-Coaching Scholars because it is on my terms and it makes total sense. Everything I read about the thoughts in my brain are like yes, yes, yes. Then why do I allow a day or a weekend to sidetrack my progress and move me backwards?

How can I think about success in this area and be motivated to take massive action?