Fear of Success or Fear of Failure

I’ve written this quite a few times as I’ve done my hw for this month and by the end of it I don’t submit my question because this is all part of the hw.

I’m wondering if the thoughts I’m thinking are creating fear of success or fear of failure or no either but just a scary feeling because it’s just I don’t believe this yet. The feeling I originally thought I was feeling was one of excitement mixed in with some anxiousness but I think it’s fear (maybe that is the same as anxiousness). To describe the feeling is – when that rush drops to the pit of my stomach (sort of like when that feeling of when your heart drops) and just sits there in the pit of my stomach when I think this thought. My new belief is “I’m changing lives being a life coach making $250,000 every 6 months”.

As I look back on my hw this month thoughts are “Is this really possible for me?”, “Is this just always going to be just a dream?”, “Am I worth that much?”, “who is going to want this?” “will I really be that good to make that much money?”, “What if it were possible?”, “who do I need to be and am I really willing or even capable of that?”, “do I have the right personality?”, etc.

But today as I’ve imagined my new belief this particular feeling continually comes up and I can’t figure it out. At first I thought I just felt excited but a bit anxious because I didn’t believe it yet. But, I’m wondering if it’s fear of failure or fear of success? I can’t imagine it’s fear of success because this is something I would want but I know others say we somethings fear our own success. I don’t get that because if we truly want to be successful why would we fear it and if so how do you get over it?

I also think the thought I don’t think I’ll ever come to a place of just believing this thought 100%. I guess because it hasn’t happened yet. Like I’m still waiting for evidence because I’m still not taking massive action because I don’t know what or the next step to take. But I suppose I do I’m just not doing it to the level I should be.