Fear of the scale

My goal is to lose a total of 20-25 pounds over 2019, and my 1st quarter impossible goal is to lose 10 pounds. I feel that I am losing weight – my clothes fit differently – and am doing great with my eating protocol and with adding daily walks. I’m SUPER happy about all of these things and feel like I’m on a great path with a way of eating/living that is totally sustainable.

In the past, weighing myself after a period of effort and seeing no or almost no weight lost has been so discouraging that over the next few weeks, the change would fizzle.

I realize that this means I have thinking to clean up! But my question is: Is there something to be gained from weighing myself, and if so, how often should we be weighing ourselves? If I know that the scale can be a pitfall for me, and that I’m doing very well without looking at it, could I weigh myself monthly or quarterly at most?

THANKS for everything.