Fear over what we can’t control

Hi Brooke. I’m brand new to SCS, just got my access yesterday. I’ve been obsessed with your podcasts and everything you say resonates with me! Here is my question. I’m in remission with breast cancer. Fear and anxiety are huge for me before a scan. If I modeled it:
C – upcoming scan
T – My cancer could be back (aka – I am going to die)
F – fear, anxiety
A – try not to think about it, keep busy to stay out of my head
R – waste a couple weeks of my life worrying

I think my intentional model needs to somehow include acceptance of the fear. I can’t control the results of the scan so I feel like managing my emotions before/during and waiting for the results would serve me.
C- Upcoming scan
T – Scan is opportunity to see what is going on and take new action if needed???
F – acceptance, peace
A – live fully everyday
R – fear and anxiety don’t weigh me down
Any other ideas for T? Comments in general?

Thanks Brooke!