Fear that disappeared

When I started listening to your podcast about a year ago, I did the work on fear you suggested and listed as my number one fear the possibility that my husband might stop loving me and/or fall in love with someone else.

Doing the week 3 work on confidence and exploring the things I’m scared of that may be holding me back, I realized that this particular fear is completely gone. I looked for a ghost version of it but couldn’t find even that.

I credit the relationship work we did last month, and how much emotional growth I’ve experienced over 5 months of SCS.

I now know, and believe to my core, that I will continue to love him and myself whether or not he loves me back.

Amazing how powerful that is, not just in how I feel, but also in the way that I show up in our relationship now, which conveniently makes it more likely he will continue to love me. 🙂