fear that negative feelings will mess up my desired result

Hi –

I know Brooke has spoke about Joe Dispenza’s work. I really like his work, about activating new patterns in your brain and body (new feelings), and living in your future self — it’s very similar to, and compatible with, Brooke’s work. The one thing I struggle with most is that I then start to feel guilty and scared around negative feelings, like I’m living in my old self and they will mess up me creating / manifesting what I want in my new self. It starts to spin me and cause me to essentially be afraid of negative feelings and anxiety, because I’m afraid it will get in the way of me getting my desired outcome. I’m doing thought work on it because I’d like to better understand this, so I can “step into my future self” in a more productive, less controlling and anxious way. Below are my models. In the 2nd model, I put my desired outcome in the R line, and worked backwards to see what I could find – not sure it quite works out but wanted to give it a go. Thanks!

C job-interview
T If I feel anxious and overthink the job-interview, I have fucked up the possibility of getting it with my negative vibes
F Controlling
A Try to push the negative feelings away and surrender
R I am trying to control my feelings so I control the outcome

C job-interview
T I now have no control over the outcome
F Sad, yet relieved
A Thank myself for showing up, and look for other possible jobs
R Getting the job offer