Fears around time and being overwhelmed with demands

Scholars for 4 months. I LOVE everything. I gave a talk last week and blew them out of the water and it’s all from a new found confidence from scholars. Thank you so much.

Question: I have been doing self-coaching around having enough time to start my coaching business without neglecting my relationships or my job. I have some new intentional thoughts that have been helping. Like “I am able to make space for the business” “I can do one thing at a time” “There is more than enough time to get it all done”, but now I’ve hit another feeling of reluctance to go full out on the business because the demands of helping my clients (when I get them) in the initial stages may be too much and I will neglect my family or my six-figure 9-5 job. I do want to quit my 9-5, but only after the business replaces my salary or I have enough saved for 6 months. I am holding myself back internally and I can’t put my finger on the root thought/issue so that I can think intentionally about it.