I had an incident over the weekend, which in hindsight was not a big deal, but at the time had me completely panicked. It reminded me of how fearful I have always been of so many things and that I really haven’t moved forward as an adult in a lot of ways. I’ve just figured out ways to avoid them. I’m really struggling with this realization. I think this ties into the work we are doing this month (just started today) but am having trouble believing that I can get over some of these things. It seemingly affects many areas of my life and I’m only now realizing it. Not sure where to start but wondering if I deal with each thing individually (where to even start with that!) or if I just deal with the subject of ‘fear’ as a whole. It feels big (and yes, I know that thought doesn’t help but that’s where I’m starting from right now). As a positive, I am excited of the possibility here.