Feb homework


I’m working on my homework and I always have more than one thing I want to accomplish. Is this okay as long as I have the time on my calendar?

I’m a stay at home mom and when I practice thinking the thought I wrote for my first task, it really does fuel my emotion. When it’s time for me to work, I can do the thing and it feels sooo good to be checking off things on my calendar.

But when I feel so good I want to keep working. This is not a good idea for me because I have very limited work time and if I try working when my kids are awake/home I have too many interruptions and then I get mad and they do too.

I try telling myself it’s okay if I only do what’s on my calendar, but I want to do more. When I don’t let myself do more than what’s on my calendar it feels like I’m sitting with an urge and all I can think about is working and I’m still not present with the kids and then I think, ‘I may as well be working.’

Am I supposed to keep sitting with the urge to work? I know I have a rushed mentality. I am still working on shifting from lack to abundance.

Thank you.