feb homework


i’m reading the book power of emotion and there are these 5 questions in order to create the new emotion i want:

1. what does this emotion feel like: doubtless about the relationship
2. what do i need to think: here i’m thinking of a friend of mine and it seems so be hard to choose one thought cause i think there are multiple thoughts causing this emotion. what do you think??
3. how can i comitt to this feeling today: believing the positive thoughts more than the negative one. cause just because you have more negative thoughts doesn’t mean they are more true than the positive ones. RIGHT??
4. How will i act when i feel this way: laugh, love, hug, not worry, enjoying the time and talking positive and lovely about my bf without this negative emotion and thought in my back telling me “this is not true.”
5. how can i get back on track if i notice i am not using this emotion: think of someone who does and remind myself that i can have that too.

its just seems so off that my friend gets it naturaly and i have to work for it. doesn’t it make it false?
like love is just supposed to flow and come naturally. That is what my brain is thinking.

i would love to hear your thoughts on my questions and my thoughts about love in general.

thanks so much