Feb Workbook

Am I correct in interpreting the Feb workbook daily questions as essentially doing a reverse model? Like – “what one thing do you want to accomplish today” is the “R” (and/or “A”), and then then the F and T(s) to create that F, with the C essentially being “today”?

I was drawn this morning to make my “R” be a feeling I want to have today – I want to feel calm and purposeful. I then spent a few minutes to check in and see what “calm” and “purposeful” (separately) felt like in my body. I then put them down for my “F” line, and for the “T” all that was really coming to me was “I am calm; I am purposeful”. While this isn’t how I’ve done any models in the past, these thoughts really do seem to help create that feeling for me. I hesitate to ask if this is “wrong”, but would love your thoughts / feedback, as I’m not sure this is how the exercise is intended? Is it “legit” to have a feeling in the “R” line? (I’m thinking sure) And is it “legit” to have “I am feeling ” in the “T” line? (I’m thinking – if it works, go with it). But again – would love your take, as haven’t seen this done this way before.

Thanks so much!