February homework and believing TBL


Almost all month I have been creating a free mini class for my subscribers.

It wasn’t working for sooo long, but I kept taking action.

For my one thing to accomplish it was always the mini class.

My feelings varied from confident to excited to disciplined and a few others.

I thought I had good thoughts to think that really generated those feelings; It all felt right.

And then yesterday I had this epic moment when all my emails finally felt right. There is a nice flow and it’s so good and I can’t wait to share it and I could totally charge for it. I just have a couple finishing touches before I announce it to my subscribers.

So this morning in my homework, my one thing was again, ‘finish routine class’.

Only this time it felt different to me and I realized that all month I was actually feeling HOPE. Today I felt SURE that I would get it done.

All month I’ve been working on this and tweaking and trying to get my copy to reflect exactly what I’m trying to teach.

Is this what taking massive action is like? I mean, I wasn’t even aware I was feeling hopeful until today when I realized the hope was gone. It got replaced with true confidence.

I tried to identify a new thought, but I think it’s just because I have evidence that the emails flow together now. I want my confidence to come from my thinking and not from what I’m doing.

Part of me wants to say, Who cares?! It’s done, let’s move on. But another part of me wants to know how to have that confidence WITHOUT the hope underneath it so that I can really BELIEVE that I will do the thing. Because when I feel hopeful, my belief is lacking.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you.