February Week 1 Day 2 Homework

Can you provide a few examples of what the Week 1, Day 2 homework is intended to look like? We’re asked to write the idea that led to the accomplishments we listed from the previous day. I’ve started this, but am wondering if I’m not quite doing it correctly because it says it’s a powerful exercise and that is not my experience so far.

The only example provided in the homework is about having a child. I don’t have kids, so I don’t have an answer for this one. I can imagine an idea could be: I had a child because I wanted to create a family. But that seems too obvious and not revolutionary. I’m clearly not “getting” the homework.

Some examples I have so far:
Accomplishment: completed a marathon
Idea: I want to challenge myself physically with something that seems out of reach.

Accomplishment: have traveled to 30+ countries
Idea: I value different cultures and new experiences and want to make that a regular part of my life.

I’m looking ahead and the next couple of days and the exercises are similar, list things I have and the ideas that created those things. One of the examples is if you have a coffee pot, what thought created that thing? It seems that the only thought could be so that so I could make my own coffee. Again, I’m either not understanding correctly or not getting how this is powerful, so look forward to understanding the intent of these exercises.