Feedback for model on Anger.

Hello coaches

One of my friend commented on my parenting skills and I got angry since I felt that she doesn’t understand that I’m doing my best I can at parenting but still spoke as though I’m not doing good job.

C: Commented on my parenting skills.
T: how can she comment like that ! She always keeps giving advices as though I’m not doing good job
F: anger
A: reacting to the emotiom and telling her that I’m doing my best I can and she doesn’t know what I have been doing and she can’t comment.
R: Not allowing the emotion of anger and reacting to the emotion.

C: same
T: she is entitled to her opinions.I chose to believe that I’m doing good job at parenting and others think what they want to.
F: calm
A: not judging her for her thoughts
R: acting from place of love and compassion

After I did the intentional model I have been thinking that I should probably apologise for my anger but still I can’t decide if I have to or not.

Any thoughts on how to improvise the intentional model.