Feedback from my personal fasting experience! & How many coffees?

Good morning! First of all, I just wanted to say how AMAZING I feel with fasting! My sched is different MWF, but T, Th, S & Sun, I started extending my fasting window to 11am for 2 weeks, which for me was a huge breakthrough. I have been of the mindset that you HAVE to eat breakfast to “jump start your metabolism” (eye roll) & that you need to eat several small meals throughout the day so you don’t feel “starving” & binge later. I rarely feel hungry now & have lost 10lbs, w/ 5-10 more to go! MWF, however, I wake up at 4am to coach an Orangetheory class. I work out at 6:15am & drink a black coffee just before. Then I coach several more classes after & usually am not finished until around noon or 1pm. I have ALWAYS drank a protein shake or eaten a small meal after my workout bc I was scared that I would feel terrible while coaching if I didn’t “fuel” myself with food. (eye roll again haha). Yesterday was the first day that I didn’t have anything after my workout/before coaching except for another black coffee. I FELT AMAZING! I was focused & had so much energy! I didn’t eat my first meal until 1:30pm. This is CRAZY!!! I am excited to see the results from committing to my new extended fasting window consistently. Thank you for everything you (Brooke) & your coaches do for us! I am so excited to learn more for myself & my clients.

Now, my question… is it okay to have 2 or 3 coffees throughout the morning? I don’t add cream or anything to it (so it’s def not the taste I like LOL), but I find it helps with my hunger & being awake for so long. Is there a limit to how many you should have? Too much Caffeine?