Feedback model: my client doesn’t get it

I wrote a model about a frustrating conversation I had with a client. I hadn’t been coaching her in the model yet, but I have thoughts about our last coaching exchange that are getting in the way. I appreciate her as a person, but I feel she hasn’t been very receptive, and I find myself trying to convince her that her thoughts haven’t been as positive as she thinks.

I did the model below, but the second one on the desired results, isn’t causing a shift yet in my thinking. How can I adjust this to something that actually makes me feel better about it so I can bring a different energy to the conversation? I still feel doubtful that I can get her to see her thinking.

C a past conversation didn’t get results
T she’s not hearing me. She’s not getting it. She doesn’t see the relationship between her thoughts and what comes. (coaching isn’t fun)
F frustrated. Misunderstood.
A I try to convince her.
R My words from frustration don’t convince her, and she’s still not hearing me.

C a past conversation didn’t get results
T I know for sure that our thoughts create our reality and if something isn’t coming, you’ve been practicing those thoughts. I know the model works.
F confident in my own understanding of how this works.
A I ask her questions until something clicks. I show her, what her thinking brought and show her how a different thought will yield a different result.
R she hears me in a new way and she can see the power of changing her thoughts