Feedback on a model please – Happy

I started a model just with “happy” in the F-line.
I then filled in the A-line, not knowing until I did it what the circumstance was going to be – but just let my mind freely write what A-lines it wanted to, with the feeling “Happy”. And then what I felt the C line was from that.
This was the first time I’ve done a model this way. Whilst it may not be quite right, I’m feeling really happy with my growing confidence around models.

Feedback appreciated! 🙂

C. I am 46, M (husband) is 53, daughter is 13, and son almost 11. Parents and in-laws are 79, 76, 77, and one deceased
T. The universe is ever loving and abundant.
F. Happy
A. Love my children. Be present with them. Enjoy the moments. Know that everything will be alright. Not worry about today, tomorrow, next year. Not be sad about getting older, missed time, parents dying, children growing up. Think about the past with happiness and satisfaction, enjoy the present and be excited and eager for all that is to come. Pay for what I want and need and more than contribute my “share” of family expenses. Enjoy gift giving and receiving. Enjoy and recognise the ever flow of money. Spend freely yet knowingly and intentionally. Paragraph look for evidence of my and our abundance. Hold space for who and where others are at.
R. I recognise and express my own love and abundance