feedback on Aligned Model

I learned the model through working with Rachel Hart for 2 months of not drinking/losing weight. I’m excited to do advance work in this same area, and so motivated by the power of the “Aligned Model” On my first day, working with you, will you give me feedback on my model?

C: I weigh 129 and AF for 15 days
T: It is so fun to shop for clothes, add the finishing touches and look , feel great in my clothes and problem free!
F: Excited ! Confident!
A: Stick to 23 Weight watcher points , remain AF, and do a model everyday.
R: 129, having so much fun and confidence with how I look and feel. Peace around AF.

Also, in the Take a Break program we learned both the Unintentional Model and the Intentional Model. Do you teach the model the same way?