Feedback on "areas of confidence" model

Dear coach,

I am going through the self confidence module in the vault. I am on week 1 homework, which asks to make a list of all the areas in my life where I feel self-confident. I started with some big ones (e.g. my professional skills, motherhood) and then ran out of ideas and added some smaller ones (e.g. making nice slides, walking the dog). Here is my model on it, could I get your feedback on it and on whether I am phrasing the result correctly or not?

Current model:
C: 18 areas of confidence.
T: 18 areas of confidence are not enough. Some are not even that big. I’m a fraud.
F: shaken confidence.
A: I look for areas I lack confidence in so I can further prove my thought. I am essentially finding further proof for my lack of confidence.
R: I’m less confident than I could be.

Intentional model:
C: 18 areas of confidence.
T: I found 18 areas of confidence.
F: pleased.
A: I feel good about being confident in these 18 areas.
R: I am confident in these 18 areas.

Thank you!