Feedback on Belief for March Homework

Hi! I had some questions about the March homework – many of which were answered in the Study Hall video – so, thank you! I was hoping to get some feedback on my belief that I chose which is “I am great at my job.” I just got a new job that is a promotion, and is stretching my abilities in all sorts of new ways. It is exciting, and of course bringing up ALL kinds of negative thoughts about myself. Believing that I am great at the new job is really getting at all the resistance that I have to this belief, and the self defeating thoughts and reactions I have daily.
My question is whether the belief “I am great at my job” somehow too “job dependent”? Should it be something that applies more to my identity that is not tied to a specific job or set of responsibilities? So far, it seems to be working out well to surface what I want to address, but I was just interested in getting a second opinion.