Feedback on model for impossible goal

I set an impossible goal this year, but every time I think about all the learning and other things that need to happen, I feel like it’s probably a 2-year goal instead of one.

But in a way, that’s the whole point of an impossible goal, right? To not be possible?

Rather than change the goal to be within my reach, I want to change my thinking around it. So here’s my intentional model for what I want to think every time my brain reminds me that my goal this year is impossible. I’m new to making models and wanted some feedback.

C= Make $150,000 this year in revenue for my business
T= All I need to be doing to reach my impossible goal is taking my next best ACTION.
F= Inspired
A = I do focus time every day; I have measurable results daily; I’m revaluating the next best step based on my results
R= I reach my impossible goal