Feedback on my model

My 30 day goal is to be in bed by 11pm with lights out . I’m completing the how to get it done workbook daily and doing thought downloads on this goal.

The first week things went well, the second week I’ve experienced challenges and brought them to my private coaching calls.

Last night I had success and when I am writing my thought download this morning, I notice that my thoughts and feelings are positive BECAUSE I had success last night ie lights out at 11 AND I slept (vs lying awake as I have for previous nights)

It just occurred to me however, that I am attributing these positive thoughts and feelings to a circumstance ie my result from last night. so my thought is ‘I feel good about this goal today because I slept last night’

But I’d like to feel good about this goal whatever yesterday’s result was.

So I’m thinking that for my intentional model I write the thought ‘I’m open to feeling good about my bedtime goal whatever my result was yesterday’

Can I get some feedback on this?

I think this is an important distinction for me because this exercise has revealed to me how much I have linked ‘feeling good’ to my evalution of how I’m doing – in all areas of my life, not just bedtime.

Thanks in advance