Feedback on my models

I’m new to SCS and wanted feedback with the latest models I did. I submitted a pitch for an article to one of my regular clients. They run a physical therapy practice. I chose the topic for this pitch from their topic bank. They responded back:

“I’ve never had anyone ask about this topic before! This is news to me. I’m interested.
Do you mind sharing your research articles before proceeding?”

It’s a simple and completely reasonable email that wasn’t at all threatening, yet I practically had a panic attack over it. I had a really tough time pinpointing the thought that was causing the feelings but I think I was finally able to get to the bottom of it.

Here’s my unintentional model:
C = Client sent me an email
T = If I made a mistake on my pitch, he’ll think I’m dumb.
F = Panic
A = I doubt whether I really got the topic from the topic bank; frantically check to make sure I was right; write back an email while agonizing over word choices so I don’t come across the wrong way.
R = I was right, so he still thinks I’m smart. Had I been wrong, he would think I’m dumb.

I think I also have another unintentional model that’s the same as the one above, but the thought and result are slightly different. Instead of “he’ll think I’m dumb” it’s “If I made a mistake, I’m dumb.” And the result is “If I’m right, I’m smart. If I’m wrong, I’m dumb.

I think these two thoughts together is what caused me to go into panic mode because my brain felt like my intelligence was being questioned. I literally started to sweat and my heart started beating hard. Originally I thought the thought was “oh my God, I made a mistake.” But when I dug deeper, I felt like that was a problem only because of how I thought I would be judged by my client and what being wrong meant for me.

This model definitely isn’t serving me, so I wanted to create an intentional model where if a client sent me an email, I would be unphased or indifferent to it. Here’s what I came up with:

C = Client sent me an email
T = I am defined only by what I think of myself
F = Unphased
A = If I have time, I’ll answer the email. If I don’t, I’ll save it for later without giving it a second thought, feeling compelled to answer right then and there, or prove who’s right.
R = Whether I’m right or wrong, it has no bearing on my intelligence.

Am I on the right track with these models? Also, it was really difficult to come up with the thoughts and have the results tie back to them. Did I do that successfully?