Feedback on Today’s Model

I’m new to Scholars, although not new to this work and to the Model. I finally joined because I wanted to learn how to go deeper and really implement this work to finally dissolve my blocks to earning money and achieving success in my coaching business. Since the month started I’ve been focusing on the Time Management work because I know this is a huge part of succeeding with these goals. I tend to procrastination, perfectionism, overscheduling, and not knowing how to prioritize.

I’ve been struggling a lot with deciding what to put on the calendar and then with not actually being able to fulfill because I’m way under-estimating how long things will take. But it’s helped to read and watch the coaching tips about how it’s a PROCESS and we of course won’t be doing it all right at the very beginning. The transformation comes with doing the work.

My April goal is to complete the content for a Signature Program I’m creating, and also to work on selling the program. I feel some urgency about getting this rolling due to the money issues.
Every day my unintentional thoughts are about ‘too much to do’ and ‘not enough hours in the day’. I’m curious for feedback on today’s Model (below.) Also for ideas on how to keep the intentional thought top of mind as the day progresses.

C – Time and my program
T – There are too many things to fit in each day
F – Frantic, frustrated
A – Cram too many work things into calenar
R – Don’t get all the things done

C- Time and my program
T – I am committed to getting this done
F – Committed
A – Focus and execute one thing at a time
R – Make progress toward goal

Does it work to use ‘committed’ in the F line AND the T line?
I wanted to go with a more neutral thought that I can believe is true – rather than “There is plenty of time” which a big part of me does NOT believe is true. (Even though my wisest self knows it is.)