Feedback re: model unable to sleep/insomnia

Last night, I was unable to sleep as I was thinking about a program that I am creating and that I’m not satisfied with. Would love feedback on the following models I wrote out today:

C: not sleeping
T: I am not practicing what I’m preaching in the program.
F: guilt
A: lie in bed, ruminate, engage in unhelpful problem solving (looping in my head), beat self up
R: harder to settle, sleep doesn’t come, don’t make any significant progress on improving the program

C: not sleeping
T: This is an opportunity to look at my own barriers/challenges so that I can build a better program and better serve my audience.
F: creative
A: get out of bed, examine the barriers with curiosity without beating myself up, brainstorm ideas on paper instead of in my head
R: more likely to be able to settle/sleep; I use this time not sleeping more productively; I come up with helpful ideas for improving my program.