Feeding your teens…


Thank you so much for this class. I cannot believe how much value I have taken from the course and it’s only the beginning of month 2.

I’ve just started working through the Stop Overeating Course and am loving it. I would have swore that I wasn’t using food as a buffer but January has already taught me that buffering is so very sneaky. It pops up in many different forms. I’m just beginning to be more aware of all of them.

Anyway.. my question is about your teens. I also have a 16 year old son who seems to be a bottomless pit. As he is hungry all the time, he is eating a lot more processed food. (He calls it grab-and-eat food. He also complains, “that our kitchen is impossible. There isn’t any food. Just a bunch of ingredients”. ) What do you feed your boys? What about their lunchbox/school lunch? I know you’ve touched upon what you eat but wondered what a typical meal looks like for your family.

Thank you so much!


P.S. Perhaps this is touched upon in Stop Overeating but I am just starting to work through everything. 🙂