Feel bad about wasting food, accidentally left out

I tried to help my husband with a model tonight as he was feeling bad about wasting food. He was going to put several meals worth of stew up in about 20 minutes add he did not want me to put them in the refrigerator hot, but he forgot and did not go back to the kitchen. He spent a considerable amount of time thinking about this and feeling bad but says he got everything done he’d planned to today. This was what he came up with.

C left out food >3 hours and so it was thrown away due to concerns for food safety
T that was an irresponsible thing to do
F guilty
A ordered new groceries and made new stew, spent a lot of the day feeling bad (thinking of wasting food when harder to come by, killed chickens for no reason, wasted time to make it twice and so for groceries twice, etc), otherwise did his day normally and did what he usually does
R wasted mental energy in addition to food (support for being irresponsible? Though he says he doesn’t think he’s irresponsible, just that it was an irresponsible thing to do)

I feel like the R isn’t quite right but didn’t get anymore actions or inactions from him

Option for new model
C left out food>3 hours and so it was thrown away due to concerns for food safety
T that is just part of life
F accepting
A grocery shop, make new stew, don’t spend as much time thinking about this or feeling bad
R feel more at peace, less mental energy wasted

Feedback appreciated. Thanks