Feel Discomfort & Do It Anyway

I am three months on this program but has been a regular podcast listener.
I joined in order to lose weight and write a book.
I decided to take the tool of creating a protocol that you use in Stop Overeating program and create a writing protocol for myself and a self-imposed deadline to complete the first draft.
I have created it two months ago and I seem to have a lot of anxiety just when I need to sit and write.

Here’s my model:

C – Writng Time
T – I don’t know where to start, there is so much to do
F – Restless, Fidgety, Overwhelm
A – Jumping from one browser to another, shopping online, eating
R – Gaining weight, no writing gets done

What Brooke talks about is to feel all these uncomfortable emotions and do the work anyway.
So today I sat down as soon as the time to write arrived. I sure experienced all these emotions. I decided to give them space and feel them through. I even told myself, here’s the knot in my stomach, here’s a shallow breath, here’s my tensed shoulders, here’s my fidgeting legs, here are my fingers keep switching between browsers.

I still could not write anything. My notebook was right before me and I just couldn’t. So what does it mean to feel discomfort and do the thing anyway?