“Feel Your Feelings” Process?

Hey Brooke! A question on how you suggest “feeling your feelings”. Today I was in a bit of a mood. I was stress-eating quite a bit – and finally went “ding, something’s up”. So I did a thought download and wrote about 2 pages of “I hate me, I suck, I’m horrible, etc.” I wasn’t in a mood to change my thoughts (and with 2 pages, wasn’t really sure which one to choose) so I thought I’d just take a break and feel my feelings. So I went to lay down – no tv, no phone – and just rested with the worthless feelings. (My partner came in and said “What are you doing?” and I said “I’m laying here hating myself” very matter-of-factly – and he said… “Oh… Um, ok…” and closed the door.) And I just did that for a bit – until he came back and said “Hey, let’s go watch volleyball” and then we left the house.

I’m just wondering – when you do feel down – what’s your process? Do you feel your feelings for a short period of time? Sit with them? Lay down with them? What does that process look like for you in real time?

I knew – completely – what this was all connected to. Lots of business confusion that I’m not dealing with, some laziness with food/drinking I’m not dealing with – so it wasn’t a mystery WHY I was feeling so poorly. But I kind of liked taking some time to rest and give myself some space to just sit (or lay, as it were) with those feelings for a bit.

Curious on your process. 🙂