FEEL Like Exercising

I have decided to take on a new habit of exercising every morning.
I have created a simplified and constrained system for myself for each morning and as I imagined, my lower brain is not all in at all.
Every morning it offers me different excuses as to why that particular morning is a bad day to start (it’s too cold, your wrist hurts, you got your period, you slept less than 8 hours, etc.).

So here’s my model:

C: 7am – time to exercise
T: It’s not a good day to start and I don’t really feel like it
F: Unmotivated
A: Not exercise
R: I don’t get fit

My question is this: on one hand, Brooke says we should allow all emotions and feel them through. So when I feel Unmotivated all the way through, I simply sit with it. I know that it is caused by my thought of ‘I don’t feel like it’ and as long as I keep sitting with this emotion, clearly I don’t take action.

Corrine, spoke on one call about how we will never really feel like it and that you just have to go and do it regardless of how you feel.

So how does that come in here. Should I notice that I don’t feel like it and answer back by ignoring this thought and immediately continue to exercise or should I allow the emotion and not act (not exercise)?