Feel like giving up. Help!

I started scholars 10 months ago. My reason was for money and work. I wanted to either get a job that I loved or start my own business. So my primary work in scholars has been around money and working.
I made the big decision of what I wanted to do and I set out to do whatever it takes. Over the last several months I found myself not interested in my line of work anymore. I don’t even care to do my own books or taxes. I don’t share with any friends what I do or talk to people about the way I can help them. I just don’t have any interest in my own line of work.
I took more classes, got more training in preparation for running my own business. I started to get another license and saw how hard it was and lost interest. I hired another coach that does coaching for accountants interested in having their own business. Instead of being excited, I find the program boring. I’ve lost interest in being an entrepreneur.
I signed up for 1on1 coaching in SCS and I was encouraged to keep going and focus on my accomplishments, education, licenses etc. I agree I have done a lot to get here and I had a lot of fun doing it. So now what? I’m not so excited anymore. I can’t see how pushing myself to do something that I have lost interest in will get any better?
When I do my thought work I can see I would rather not work much at all or part-time at the most. I like staying home and doing work around the house and being available for time with my husband. Or doing volunteer work. Of course, life is not that perfect and I need to make money. The point is I’m not so driven as I had hoped I could be.
I looked at the job board today and immediately closed it. I can’t even imagine looking for a job. I have no interest in.
I feel like extra baggage. How can I get excited about a job or work of any kind? Ideally, I would be excited about being an accountant, that’s what I have worked so hard for.
I listen to you coaching others about their work and telling them to give massive value and take massive action. I believe I do that.
Once I made a decision to be an entrepreneur and now have lost interest in that. How do I know if I really lost interest or I’m burned out or my goal was actually too big for me?