Feel like I’m crashing

I feel like I’m spinning out of control. I think I’m juggling too much but there is a lot to get done right now.

I have a full time job that for the month of August will be extremely busy. I am working on putting together a website, blog, and building an Instagram account in preparation for becoming a certified coach through LCS by Fall 2021. I’ve put a lot of work into the website and I think I’m going to have to scrap it and start over. The platform I’m using isn’t very good and instead of fighting with it, I think it’s better to cut ties and find something better. So I had felt like I was making progress but now I feel like everything I did last week was for nothing and I’m starting from scratch.

I have been going through the entrepreneurial videos on SCS and doing the worksheets. I also want to do Monday Hour One. And I listen to the business coaching podcasts all the time.

I have low energy lately and want to adjust my diet and learn more about Keto so I am listening to podcasts and starting to change the way I eat. I am also trying to walk for an hour every day and do yoga stretches. I want to be healthy and fit so when I’m older I won’t have lots of issues with mobility and other things.

I also have some side projects that I’ve been neglecting including an e-book that I’ve been writing for a few years that is about when I met my husband and had my kids. It’s meant to be a history of my life before and during kids and I want to give it to my daughters someday. But I haven’t worked on it in months. Progress is glacially slow.

All of this is topped off with feeling like an inadequate mother especially when I have frustrating interactions with my daughter. I just feel like I never finish anything, I fail at everything, and I’m a terrible mother who is ruining her kids lives.

I’m feeling kind of desperate today and I’m not sure where to turn. I want to be confident that I can follow through on all of my goals. Some days feel it and days like today I don’t.