Feel like I’m in a holding pattern

I am currently working part-time (4 days a week) in a marketing/sales role for a small business while growing my own wellness business. The part-time job is challenging in many ways, such as office politics and lack of social interaction (it’s a small family-run business). I have been here for almost 2 years and have proactively tried to find new part-time work, but living rurally it is tricky with job opportunities. I also think it’s better the devil, you know, right? This job also allows me to do a little of my own work online when things are quiet. It’s also a covid safe job – meaning the industry I work in is allowed to stay open in lockdowns – so my income is pretty safe while I’m here.

My own business is taking me longer than I had hoped to build, and I feel very frustrated that I have to stay in the part-time job, which I feel is slowly sucking my soul dry – not a helpful thought, I know. Part of me would love to quit ASAP and focus on my own business 100% – but part of me knows I have a few more foundations to put into place – for example, I am finishing off an online program to work with clients. Once this is finished I then have a product/service I can launch and grow – that’s the plan!

Where I am struggling is being in this ‘holding pattern.’ I feel my limited energy and time are going into this part-time job. My brain feels exhausted switching between being a sales admin person vs. the professionally trained therapist I am. Logically, I know it makes sense to stay put, but it creates so much unease internally on many days. I know this won’t be forever, but I had hoped to be 100% in my business by now, and it feels like a really hard slog! I would love some help getting my head into a better place while I get up and running doing my own thing.