Feel “Stuck” With My Schedule and Not Hitting My Money / Business Goals

I admit I’m a bit envious of the business owners earning 7 figures working 3 days a week. Don’t get me wrong, I love it for them! It’s amazing. I still work a 9-5 job M-F, so I find myself not loving my calendar whatsoever but feel I need to keep working away if I ever want to get to the point of not needing the 9-5 job.

Can a coach review my day and see what the heck I’m missing ?

6:00 wake up and workout.
7:00 shower and get dressed.
8-4:30 work my day job.
1pm lunch time I do a scholars call or other membership call/ mindset work.
4:30-7pm- start dinner, feed my 4 kids, clean up, feed infant as I breastfeed so this takes an additional 15 min, start laundry and/ or put away.
7:15- 8:30 work on content, emails, offers etc.
8:30-9:00, get kids ready for bed/ story time/ brush teeth.
Then after 9, I will attempt to do more work but usually end up falling asleep in my chair. Whoops.

I’m not getting the traction in my business I want working it an hour-ish a day. I could add on weekends (and sometimes I do), but man, I’m tired ! #sendhelp #sos