Feeling a need for purpose

Since the start of all the corona virus, I have been out of a job and staying at home. Before this and most of my life I have been in the hospitality industry, AKA restaurants. I love to work with people and build connections through an unforgettable experience. My focus there is more with corporate companies and business dinners. It was the height of my career as my finances were the best they have been in a restaurant job and I was in scholars working on myself and feeling great. I felt like I was saving well( for a house we wanted the end of this year) and I also got recently engaged on our last vacation. Upon return, as most people my world was turned upside down from almost 100k a year( my first year ever to make that last year!) to unemployment checks and being alone at home. I feel regret because I debated back and forth with doing the coach certification program because I have always loved helping people and felt it was my calling. I decided to work on getting a house first and saving more because of the financial commitment, Now with being home all the time I am so mad at myself for not being enrolled in the certification and spend my days searching for something to devote my time to. Scholars has really been my savior during these times, I can’t really afford to keep it but feel I need to make that sacrifice for my mental health and am cutting out other things(alcohol for example). As I am at a freeze, not able to look for work I have decided on a self improvement project. I would just like to ask for some tips to include, as scholars has MANY resources to explore and I want to get the most out of my time at home. The feeling lately is lost and frustrated due to not lying up to my potential to help people.

Thank you very much