Feeling Accomplished Too Soon

Hi, I’ve found a thought that is appearing in my running practice and I can see now that it shows up in my weightloss goal and in my business and I’m excited to get some help with where to take it.

C – Ran 2.5 miles of the 3 I had planned.
T – I’m almost there, this is possible, I can totally do this.
F – accomplished
A – think about stopping early because I know I already know I can do it, give myself excuses to stop, stop holding myself accountable to my goal, give myself some leeway, sometimes I stop running and walk the remainder of the way.
R – Create the result that I can’t do it because I continue quitting short of the goal.

What are my thoughts about this?  I think because I am seeking the feeling of accomplishment and that is the feeling I have as I’m getting close, my brain is like, “Well, you did it—you already feel accomplished so why keep going?”

Why do I feel accomplished?  I’ve always been someone who has set big goals and has been super competitive with myself…also I’m someone wanting to get to the next place quickly.  I think I’ve just trained myself to think about what it will feel like when I do something.

When training to run again, I decided that 3 miles was the goal and if I can get to 2.5 miles, I certainly can get to 3.  Therefore I feel that accomplishment before actually getting there.  I’m not sure where to take my self coaching next to better understand why I am choosing to feel accomplished before achieving my goals.