Feeling anger

I wrote an article for my blog readers and made a reference to weight loss. It wasn’t the focus of the article and most people wouldn’t have been noticed it. Now one of my readers has taken offense because someone she knows has an eating disorder. She wrote and told me that this could be a trigger topic, and I wrote a compassionate email back. However, she wants me to put a note at the bottom of the article about eating disorders.

I wrote one, but when I went back to look at the context of the blog article it’s not relevant. And I don’t even know what I wrote would be ‘enough’ for her because I don’t directly mention eating disorders. Because if I did it would be out of left field.

My blog’s audience isn’t for weight loss or eating disorders.

I am surprised how angry this situation is making me feel. It’s taking up a lot of my time, which I am resentful of.  I feel cornered that I have to do something I don’t want to do and is out of alignment with the work I do, I try to be inclusive in my work and not wanting to offend people. Sometimes readers have made suggestions and it totally made sense and I made the necessary alterations. But it doesn’t make sense this time.

C. Reader asked me to write a warning in my article for people who have eating disorders
T. I am trapped in a corner. If I do what she wants, it won’t be makes sense in the article and alienate other readers, if I don’t she will make a scene on social media.
F. Anger
A. Email her backed once. Wrote something for the article then decided not to use it.
R. This is taking up lots of my mental time, and I am not doing what she wants any way.