Feeling angry/trapped by my circumstance

I have a job where I am on call 24/7 and feel angry when I get called. My thoughts are:
1-Why are they calling me? 2-They’re ruining my Sunday when they could figure this out. 3-I no longer want a job with 24/7 call.
I think the last thought is what is driving the other thoughts. Obviously I knew about the call when I took the job but I don’t want that circumstance anymore.
I don’t want to keep thoughts 1&2 and know I need to do some thought work around it, but feel it’s ok to have thought #3.
For thought #1
C-They called me to tell me it’s “borderline” unsafe
T-They shouldn’t/don’t need to call me with this information.
F-Annoyed, angry
A-Rearranged my entire schedule in case I need to go in. After this, I didn’t do the work I had planned for the day (this is the problem piece)
R-Didn’t get my other work done, didn’t enjoy the rest of my day off
I don’t know if there is a thought where I don’t feel annoyed and angry
T-They’re ruining my Sunday
A-Rearrange schedule begrudgingly, don’t do anything else I had planned for the day
R-same as #2
C-I have a job with 24/7 call
T-I no longer want a job with 24/7 call
A-Don’t show up at my job the way I normally would; the way I want to show up
R-Work suffers

Could I change thought #3 to I am working toward a job with different responsibility? I know that LCS teaches not to change the circumstance. But maybe it’s don’t change the circumstance to change the feeling. I just haven’t figured out how to change my thoughts/feelings about this circumstance and it takes up a lot of mental space and emotional energy.