feeling at peace – DM

Planning and writing for April is going really well. The feedback on my models helped greatly. I’m doing my work with my model notepad by my side to reframe the scary thoughts that emerge while I work (btw – thank you for the notepad at VIP!) . I’m grateful for this opportunity to learn self management.

I have noticed that in the last few days I wake up feeling quiet and very peaceful. I feel clear “I will do my morning routine and then begin my work.” It’s like my brain has gotten very quiet. I’m not fighting with myself at all. I didn’t realize how much drama was involved in my procrastination.

I’m not freaking out about being in peace and contentment, but I don’t quite trust it. It’s like my brain is trying to create a problem, thinking something is wrong or fear that this peace/contentment/quiet will become boring. Why does this happen and how can I deal with it? Thanks!