Feeling burned out at work

I’m really struggling with the same negative thought patterns over and over again at work. I feel frustrated and resentful that I’m not getting enough help, resources, access to information to get my job done. I have this unintentional model
C: work, staffing numbers, administration
T: they are causing my stress
A: ruminate on everything they should be doing differently
R: be more stressed, don’t get stuff done

I *know* I am the one causing the stress with various thoughts of “if I don’t get X or Y done the sky will fall” or “Because I did X I’m terrible at my job and I need to redeem myself”. I *know* that these thoughts aren’t necessarily true, but I don’t seem to be able to stop thinking them. I think the problem is that I’m trying to get my sense of self-worth from work. No matter how many models I do or intentional thoughts I come up with I still come back to the same thoughts– this has been going on for a few months now. Any advice?