Feeling Confuse

I broke up with my #2 boyfriend a few times and the final one was late July. I didn’t handle it right because I couldn’t process my emotion and asking questions or sharing my thought or feeling with him but just wanted to get it done.
By now we both know my patterns.
They are:
1. if I see or hear something I don’t like about my boyfriend I get quiet and my head just full of these voices like this is not working, we are very different, I am introverted and he is not……
2. I couldn’t share that thought or feeling face to face so one day I sent him a text say this is not working.

Okay, he’s a talker and likes to make plans. I talk less and just want to get things done!
I love him. I love his big heart, his care, and kindness to other people. This is the first man I met who always buys me flowers!

We agreed that we will check in six months after that breakup but now he asked me if I want to give it a try again and do slowly with communication and patience.
I want to too!
Recently, I feel like I am just started to improve on my emotional awareness, patience, and my communication skill with people. And recently I joined Scholars and the first lesson I got my hand on is Relationships.

I just my other ex recently. Nothing between us I think I was just looking for a distraction. I feel like I have a lot to work on.
Question: Do I have to tell my #2 boyfriend that I saw my #1 ex even though I am single while I saw him?

FYI, I broke up with #1 ex the same way. Via texting.

I want to get back together again and I just want it to work out!
I want to be able to manage my emotion better and be able to share my thought and feeling but not just saying my piece and shut the other person out.