Feeling controlled by in-laws

I live with my in-laws and I’m feeling friction within myself and through some journaling got to one of the root causes. I’ve noticed that they both are fairly constantly telling me what to do and how. What day to go grocery shopping and where. What to buy where. What to cook or not cook. How to wash the knives. How to chop vegetables. How to wash down the shower. And on and on.

I want to be accommodating and at the same time I feel like a pushover and am starting to feel annoyed and resentful.

I’m working on accepting them and letting them be who they are. How do I do that and keep my own sense of self and autonomy in tact?

Here’s my model. I haven’t been able to find the thought for my second model and would love your help. Thanks!

C: Partner’s parents tell me what to do
T: they are controlling
F: trapped, annoyed, angry, rebellious
A: do what they ask with resentment and Sometimes sneakily do what I want to do the way I want
R: avoid them, disconnection, try to control the situation in a passive way