Feeling deprived

I’m working on losing weight. My protocol is 2 meals, lunch and dinner, no flour and no sugar, no seconds, no snacks. I’ve lost about 10 lbs.

The problem is I am feeling deprived. Even as I type the protocol, my brain offers thoughts like, “wow, that’s strict.”

Could you take a look at my models?

C Protocol
T This is is strict
F Deprived
A Eat a tiny snack right before a planned meal, eat fast, eat seconds.
R I do not follow my protocol exactly. I believe I’m restricting too much.

C Protocol
T I am planning healthy meals.
F In control
A Eat mindfully and slowly, don’t snack, don’t have seconds.
R I take responsibility for following my protocol.

I’m not totally clear on the results here. Also, I wonder if I allow seconds, maybe I would feel less deprived, but maybe that’s just my brain trying to get me off protocol? I’m confused!