Feeling disconnected from friends

As I’m learning more about myself and becoming more self-aware than ever before, I’m starting to feel disconnected from my friends I’ve known since college. I was a completely different person in college than I am today, but I don’t want to lose these college connections. And I want them to know this model and to see how much better life is with this, but I know I can never force anyone to change and that they’re where they’re supposed to be right now. When we do hang out, it’s the usual complaining about whatever, having a small mindset (i.e. being stuck in their situation or just being really comfortable) and I find it hard to stay engaged.

What thoughts can I practice to change my feelings of disconnection? Right now, I’m thinking things like, we don’t have much in common anymore, I don’t have deep conversations with this group, all we do is go out for drinks, etc. I feel like now I’m yearning for deep soul connections and I know these friends fulfill that need for me, but I still want to think positively about them and to appreciate them. Even though now I see these friendships differently and it feels more superficial these days.