Feeling discouraged

I have been in scholars since September and I’ve made tremendous progress. However, today during a meet up with some co-workers/friends (who I don’t see too often), I allowed myself to feel discouraged and defensive due to a comment a coworker said. We’re social workers and my responsibilities are different than theirs. I don’t really deal directly with families. Anyhow, because of my background and how I tend to “react” one of the ladies said, “I think if you were working with families you would get all crazy with them.” And every one else kind of agreed. I noticed I got defensive and was trying to hide it. After heading home the rummaging in my head started. Even to the point of asking myself if all of this self-coaching is worth the time. Which I was feeling helpless and having a victim mentality. I understand it’s just an opinion. But it did make an impact on me.