Feeling Effective

I am wanting to feel effective at making a difference in others’ lives. I want to generate this feeling from within but it is something that seems dependent on what takes place externally. It seems I have to wait to feel effective once I make an apparent difference in the world. This sets me up to depend on others for this feeling and that is not what I’m being taught.

Also, I can feel discouraged at times if I feel like I don’t have the personality traits or skills necessary to be as effective.

I am asking myself ‘Why is it that I want to feel effective?’. And that is so I can feel valued. But that is up to me! I can choose to think and practice thoughts such as: I am enough. Everything’s right with me at this moment. I am just right. I do not have to perform well in order to be of value.

I would love to hear any thoughts you may have regarding all of this. Thank you.