Feeling Emotions + Hiding

Very quick question: My cat of 18 years recently passed away while my Mom was visiting for 2 weeks – and I wanted to grieve. But, like usual with my strong negative emotions, I chose not to grieve in front of her or my partner. When I left the vet clinic after she passed, I drove to a local park and had a long sob-a-thon… and then for the next few days, as thoughts arose, I’d excuse myself and cry in the bathroom. I wanted to grieve – but I also wanted to do so privately – without wanting/needing anyone to respond to it. It’s subsided as time has passed and thoughts have changed – and I’ve now chosen to be thankful that I had 18 years with my marvelous cat and I’m doing well.

But I had this thought – When we feel (and choose to feel) these strong “negative” emotions – is doing so in private okay? (LOL – like there are any hard/fast “okay” rules in life.) I partially felt I was protecting my Mom and partner from trying to console an inconsolable human – but I really did it because I really didn’t want to feel anything other than just the full-on grief of the loss. My guesstimate on the answer is “As long as you like the reason you’re grieving in private, you’re good. There are no rules on how and who to show your grief to” – but was just curious what your thoughts were on privately experiencing “negative” emotions you choose to experience. Thanks!