Feeling entitled

Dear coaches,
I just crossed the bridge of 6 months in SCS and I have accomplished a great step by taking a break from drinking (which is still ongoing). I am proud of what I achieved and determined to keep it up. I am now moving on to Phase 2 which was always going to be to stop overeating.

I know the tools, I have practice and success, yet I am struggling with a feeling of anger/frustration, caused by a recurring thought that it is not fair, that I shouldn’t have to address this issue, that I shouldn’t have to have to manage more urges, that I should be allowed to return to the comfort of my previous life etc.

Part of me feels very tempted to give up entirely and revert to my old manners, and the other part is nudging be towards further buffer elimination.

I feel miserable and very uncomfortable at times, with a strong sense of entitlement that life should be more comfortable than it is, that I deserve for it to be comfortable now that I have quit drinking.

I think that I am rebelling against the message that life is 50% positive and 50% negative, which I thought I have assimilated a long time ago!