"Feeling Fat" (pt 2)

A few days ago I wrote a thought ladder about how I was feeling fat, and a lovely coach pointed out that this is actually not a C but a T (judgment) about my body. I think I sort of agree, but mostly I think that I’m having a thought about how my body feels – usually it’s a reaction to the C of “tummy is bloated” or “feeling arms jiggling”. Then, I have a thought about THAT that says “I feel fat”. Does that make sense? It’s important to me that I get this as accurate as I can.

Also a little side note – I woke up this morning and my stomach felt distended and face felt chubby (puffy), likely because I ate at a restaurant last night. I told myself before I stepped on the scale that “it’s possible that the number on the scale is meaningless”, repeated it a few times, and lo-and-behold – I was down almost two pounds. I love collecting evidence for my new thoughts!!!!!