Feeling Fear and insecurity due to Covid 19

C – surgical masks
T- we don’t have enough, doctors are getting sick and dying in Europe and China
I want to help patients but feel like we are not protected from the virus.
This is unfair to us doctors.
F – afraid, anxious. fearful, insecure
A – try to find surgical masks or alternatives on my own
R – frustrated, feel out of control upset want to quit my job and stay home/hunker down where I have some control over my exposure

C- surgical masks
T- there will be enough (Can’t believe this yet)
F- strong powerful resilient
A – accept my allotment of masks
R- get sick and die.

So obviously this is not ideal. I would love to feel abundance about this resource but unfortunately I do not. Maybe I need to stop looking for a solution because there isn’t one and the reality is what it is. I think my choices are to quit my job or die? That is not helpful. I don’t drive without a seatbelt or when drunk? I want to feel as safety conscious at work as I do in the rest of my life. I am not a risk taker, I am risk averse.